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It’s a cup full of kitties!!!!!! ^.^

A close up of my the print of my two Theresia Rose skirts from IW.

Selfies with Misako, cutest thing!
More pics from the Following Alice event in Paris at
Sorry I’ve been gone so long, tumblr!! I’m in the middle of moving so between working a ton, my last class for my degree, and all this moving stuff, I just couldn’t bring myself to pick out a more over the top coordinate so just something simple for a picnic meetup. I forgot my rings in the pictures so I had to add them after, but I had a cute little strawberry rings and chocolate rings with it! <3Also Sweet Mildred is amazing and you should all go buy stuff from her! She made a new pattern for this dress for me because I loved the print but wanted something else for the cut… which is the second time she’s done that for me and I love how it came out!!Coord Rundown:Hat and JSK: Sweet MildredCutsew, wristcuffs and bag: Innocent WorldSocks: Angelic PrettyShoes: BodylineParasol: Baby the Stars Shine BrightAdditional accessories: Offbrand

Anonymous said: How can you be so fantastically fabulous? Can you teach me to be fab too?

Bawwahhh you’re so sweet!! Trick to being me: act like an idiot all the time and try to have fun with everything hahaha <3

Thanks for the super sweet message, anon!

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