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Ugh school, work, and preparations for my trip are taking over my life. Someday I will be back to tumblr to waste time and post more coordinate photos, I promise! :’)

April 16th, 2014 ∞ 0 notes
It breaks my heart but I’m selling my rare Twinkle Carnival Switching JSK because I really need money for my trip in May! It’s perfect condition, only worn once. I’ll miss it but I hope I can find someone else who dreams to own it like I did! <3

Looking for $550 shipped to US (not including pp fees) - please shoot me a message on here or email me at if you’re interested! It’s up on Lacemarket for a starting bid of $515 though so check it out there if you want!

The dress has been sold, thank you!! <3
WTB Romantic Rose Letter in mint! Send me a message or email me at!
I just about died when I saw this photo of me… it pretty much sums me up to a T - especially when a camera gets in front of me.Photo credit to my friend Emily! Thanks for the great pic!